Material preview lag

I have a wee annoyance with the material preview namely when you want to adjust colours etc it continuously updates. This means for instance that if I change the red slider and then go to the green one I have to wait for the red update to come first.
I wonder if we could have a wait period built in so that it only updates after 2 secs of event inactivity.
May be I am not alone in this…

Try setting preview to plane- it’ll load much faster.

Well, that is due to the new preview, yeah…it actually renders the preview now. I guess you can’t do much against that besides a) disabling OSA and b) disable the whole preview, which is what I do very often when I just need to adjust multiple mapping / color / whatever issues.
I personally don’t like the plane preview so I personally can’t do anything else either. Not that it would be much of a problem for me, though.

I don’t see your problem. You can adjust the settings anyways and it just restarts the preview render when you make an adjustment.

Well for me it doesn’t actually. I get no response from trying to move another materials slider until it has updated…maybe 5 seconds.
I see this is actually occuring with having a material linked to multiple meshes. I do’t see why the preview should lag because of that…or am I missing something? The 3d window just gives basic colour info… why should the preview object be linked directly to the objects and affected by their number? shouldn’t it be in parallel? maybe its part of having a preview box directly available in the 3d view?
could changes not be buffered so the update takes place as I suggested after a couple of seconds of no input?
…call me stupid if you like…it just seems to me something about how it is structured is wrong or needs fine tuning. :o

I think it is startup lag since it is really rendering the preview.