Material Slot & Material definition

Hi all,

Although Ive been working w/CAD mostly and archviz on other packages so far, Id like to switch definitely fo Blender now,
some things disturb my (steep anyway ))) learning curve for Blender-one of these is eg:

What the difference beetwen MATERIAL SLOT and MATERIAL - cant figure it out…??

Don’t waste too much time on it. This is just a technicality which can be ignored most of the time.

A material slot is an entry in the material list. It can be empty, i.e. without a name.

A material is an entry in the material list. It always has a name.

It is also possible to have temporary materials without a slot. They appear only in the material drop down menu to be assigned to a slot. They live only as long as the current session. They can’t be assigned to meshes.

When the material list of an object is empty, there is a button “New” below it which will create directly a material with its slot. Or else, you can use the material drop down menu to re-use an existing material (from an other object or without slot).

If you use the button “+” on the right of the list, it creates an empty slot. The widget below the list will then just assign a material to the slot. Just do it so you don’t have to deal with slots any more.

Note however that materials are generally referred to only by their slot number throughout Blender. (I really hope this issue will be addressed in the coming UI overhauls… but I won’t hold my breath.)

Alright, that will be all for today. I still have a lot to say about material management but it’s more related to material users than slots.

Thanx, still unclear but I know how to deal with anyway ))

Think of it like a paint by numbers.

The numbers tell you where to paint using paint from pot no.1 and where to paint using paint from pot no. 2 etc. The material slots are these paint pots. They are just containers for paints.
The material is the paint that is each pot. Each pot will usually contain a different paint colour but there is nothing stopping you by using the same paint in pot no. 5 and pot no. 6 if you so wish

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That pictoresque explanation speaks to me much more clear )))))
Does one have to order materials by slots somehow? Whats the good practice for that?