Material/Texture on group of objects

Hi - hope you guys have an idea; couldnt find related in the internet.

I have a bottle, consisting of the bottle, a cap and the label. In total 3 objects.

I now want to have water droplets on the whole bottle. Obviously I can have them on each individual object.
But I do not know how to create it so it covers all 3 objects.


you can create one object for all the droplets, or several objects for different droplets, what difficulty do you meet?

Thanks for getting back to me.

Not sure its understood. I have water texture, consisting of rain drops and streaks.
I can apply this to the cap, the bottle and the label. All of those 3 are individual objects.

What I would prefer is to apply the texture of the group of all 3 objects, so that (especially the streaks) can start at the cap and continue over the bottle or start at the bottle and continue over the label.

Is the way to join all 3 meshes to one mesh?

oh sorry I thought your droplets were objects (meshes), actually if you prefer you can keep different objects and make the doplets match, if you select both bottle + label and unwrap them together it should work, but perhaps I miss a difficulty, maybe share your file?

Thanks, much appreciated!