Material (Weight) Painting ?


Is it possible to use the weigth painting tool to paint one material over an other one? (on a mesh with multiple materials) So you can blend the materials for smooth transitions and just easily paint exactly wherever you want that material to be active. Or is there another way to do that? With a current project I’m trying to prevent UV mapping with textures as much as possible but if I have to, well then I have to…


uhm, Anyone?

I think you may be confused. The weight painting tool is for making vertex groups in which each vertex can have varied deform weight based on the painting intensity. It is primarily aimed at deforming the mesh with an armature.

There is a vertex paint tool which confounds me when I try to use it but I don’t believe it does what you’re asking either.

Maybe material nodes will give you the sort of complex multi-material you want but I know nothing about nodes. You’ll need to look for release notes on these to come to grips with them.

I believe he’s asking if there’s another use for weight paint (like painting deformation intensity for shape keys or intensity for particle generate - like for fur) as a means of painting the intensity of on material or texture relative to another. Sadly, I don’t think you can do that right now. You could load an image texture as a stencil to get [sort of] the desired effect, but if you’re doing that for the whole mesh, you might as well be UVmapping it.

Of course, I’ve been wrong before.

Ah ok, it seems like I’ll probably need to go with UV mapping then anyways. It’s a shame my idea with material painting is not a feature Blender has (yet), it would make the hussle with UV mapping in many cases not needed anymore since Blender has such powerfull internal procedual textures and material settings. Maybe the node system will indeed be able to accomplish this, but I’ll have to wait for the next Blender release to try those, since I’m not exactly a wizzkid on compiling and stuff.

Well, thanks for your replies and brain-time!

I’m no whiz on the compiling side of things either but there’s usually a binary CVS available for most OSs and in my experience they’re usually pretty stable - but as always, play with caution and save often. These days I find I’m usually using a CVS version, though not usually the most recent one.

Couldnt you paint a matte with Vertex paint and bake with the script Bbray baker(?) to get a UV, then use this as a stencil (matte) channel. Not very interactive tho’. Hmmmm