Materializing Ghosts???

I have been having an annoying problem for some time. I make objects Actors and Ghosts, and yet they keep bumping into each other. That sends one or more objects spinning around in odd ways, highly frustrating!! I tried turning their Radius down to 0.01, which helps in some cases, but far from all.

Aren’t ghosts supposed to not interact at all?

Aren’t ghosts supposed to not interact at all?

Yes but they are currently broken.

select your object, press F, press a untill all faces are selected
then press W, and select clear collision.
some things will still collide if added from another layer.

Yeah, most of the problems are with things from other layers. At least now I know that :-/
Your routine did not solve the second layer imported items, but thanks for the tip, it’ll be useful in my other projects!

Is there any bugfix on the horizon for this? It really seems to be a deep hole in the GE…

no not really… lots of people having problems with this coz ‘‘add object’’ will automaticly make the object created with collision whatever the collision setting youve put to the object.
kind of a bug …