materials and mapping

Hi, i want to know if there is a way to put materials on more than one object at the same time, and can i do the same thing with the mapping?

You can use mutiple materials and UV channels. Just press the plus sign next to the material name and the plus sign in the UV Texture tab.

I didn’t explained it right - i have several objects and i want to put the same material on all of them , not to make multi-sub material, and after that i want to map them together, for example if i have a bathroom walls a want to select all the walls , put them the material which is tiles and then map them.

Currently blender 2.49 is best for this operation as 2.5 doesn’t seem to yet have the copy attribute function.
Add your material to one object. Select all the other objects you want the material applied to and then select the object with the material you want to copy last . Ctrl+C gives the copy atrtribute menu, select material.

Thanks, what about the mapping, is there a way to do the same thing with it, to map more than one object at the same time?

I think UV Texture channels are object dependent, so there’s no such thing as one UV for several objects. What you can do is join all the objects, make the UV, separate into several objects and rename the UV’s accordingly. Blender will keep the for all of them even if the information is arranged in UV channels with the same name.