Materials by face? How do you do it?

Hey I’m kind of a newb when it comes to texturing and materials, but I’ve been wondering how you can apply a material to a specific face of an object? I’ve seen tutorials but those are textures/UV maps…Help?


I will asume you’ve made a first material now, if you haven’t done so, do so.
In the editing menu (F9) you will have “Link and Materials” to the left, make a new material by pressing “New” in the right of that “Link and Materials” window. Select the faces you want to have the new Material and press the big “Assign” button below where you pressed “New”.

Then go to materials menu (F5) and press the number next to the name of the Material (probably a 2, depending on how many “data-users” you got for the same material) and accept the pop-up you get. (If you don’t do this you will have two different materials using the same data, and therefore just being duplicates of each other)
Rename the material to whatever you wish and you’re done ^^
Unless I missed something here :-?

Hope you got that, if not then tell me and I’ll swing by again.

Uhhh yea that made little sense to me… sorry bro…

What I’m trying to do is apply a white gelcoat material to the hull of the boat and on the side, add some yellow. Is there an easy way around this?

You don’t need seperate Materials for that, just use textures:

If you’re going to put a bottom coat below the plumb line then you may need a seperate material with less specularity:


Gar, forgot it was in the user guide.

Thanks so much