Materials from 2.62 to 2.61

Hi guys.

I have to do a 15 sec. animation of eagle flying through clouds.
I wanted to the it in Cycles, beacause i love this engine.

I have a model of an eagle and textures for it, and i made cycles materials in blender 2.62 but then i realized it is not possible to make realistic clouds in cycles right now.

So i have downloaded revision 42948 but now all materials i had made in blender 2.62 don’t work!

So I need your advice: is it possible to make the materials work, or i have to do them in this realese? Or maybe i shouldn’t play with this realise and just do it in BI?

did you do first some normal materials in blender then added the cycles material ?

or you only have the cycles materials ?
if this is teh case then you need to add the normal material in blender !

also be carefull cause it is not backward compatible
that could cause lost of modfiiers and other problems ect…

but you can always save it as legacy mesh fromat if done with bmesh
then it might work better


I’m not sure if I understand properly… but in the revision 42948 i use cycles too. The diffrence is, it has the volume patch and i should be able to make clouds.
So the cycles materials should work i think. But everything is just black.

I see that the difference beetwen this realeses must be bigger than i thought.

I will try the do it with bmesh.

as i said if you do it with bmesh well it should change any thing to nornmal blender but i you new mesh ect

you cannot comeback to earlier version cause it is using bmesh data and not backward compatible

but you could save it as legacy mesh format under a new name
then append the ojects from this new file