Materials help.

Hi, im new to the forums so sorry for anything that i might be doing wrong.

Im new to blender as well, but im very familiar with it.

Im trying to convert a map from grid autosport to beamng, and im having a hard time finding the right materials.
Im not sure how to explain it to be quite honest.

As you can see there is quite a lot of materials in one small mesh. the whole map is like that. Its quite confusing trying to find the materials by trial and error. It took me 3 hours getting a stage with proper textures working.
I would like to know if it was possible to see them in blender before getting them in-game.


Im trying to convert a map from grid autosport to beamng
No idea what this means, is it important that we do ?

All those materials seem to be the same colour so what are you wanting.

How did you import these materials ? What formats ? etc
Why are you using the cycles renderer ? This is less compatible than the blender renderer for importing/exporting materials (depends on source format)
Set the viewport to textured view to see textures but the materials need to have some colour and textures assigned.

Please supply more detailed info explaining steps taken and exactly what you want. Include demo blend file as the very minimum info.

Its in cycles render because i was trying out some stuff.
And yes, everything is grey in blender, but the whole map is already textured.
the textures are in dds formats.
What im trying to say is, all those materials are on the same mesh but for different textures, is there a way to see in blender where on the mesh the materials are.

Select mesh> go edit mode> select desired material (e.g. rock_bank_1)> at the end of the materials window there is the “select” button, it will select the faces using rock_bank_1 material.

Just tried with a .dds, seems like Blender can visualize correctly them in viewport. You may want to try to switch to BI, probably the materials/textures are already automatically setted up when you imported the asset.