Materials Library 2.79: Submit your materials!

hi, very recently I’ve added the materials library system by mackraken:
to 2.79 release.
We have had the addon in nightly builds for some time & as 2.79 is a significant release for addons & we never had a much needed materials library system in Blender, here it is.

Currently I’ve added:
the base materials.blend which is colors really, useful as a start file for saving your own materials & learning the system.
cycles_templates.blend, which is a collection I made of some useful presets, mostly image presets, so you load the node set ups then add the image textures for fast diff/spec/nor sets & more.

In addons contrib I had very roughly created A Blender Internal materials category & Cycles materials library.
I’ll be revisiting the Blender Internal lib myself and thought would be nice to open up the Cycles materials lib to the community as there’s been many updates since i made my older library.

Types of shaders needed would be skin, glass, car paint, metal, volume, & the usual types you would expect to see in a matlib.
if you are the Author of a quality material, please submit your material/s here.
You can add your name into the node group using a frame:

License for materials must be cco or less… do we really need a license for this?
Node trees should be organized & well aligned, centered to grid.
There are very few slots available as keeping the file size down is of utmost importance.
Image textures are disallowed.
Groups are ok
Excessive long trees take too much file room, shorter is better.

Lets try to make this great.

This is great news. I’ve been using the Mat Lib addon for some time and I can’t live without it now.

Beautifully amazing this script, too useful, thank you, now I just have to catalog all my shaders.

This is pretty cool - will contribute once I am back from Spain

sweet lets make better material library than eny other 3d package =P

there’s lots of good material to include, noone of these are mine xD anyhow :
A realistic skin shader
I really like the Cesar Salcedo rock shader
the bevel shader
and anything you can put from

Edited since we will have principled BSDF in 2.79

more bloat

get some here, get some there…
share it all and everywhere
Chocofur shaders and textures now under CC0 license

:RocknRoll:… principleD

Well, I’m not sure about ‘your’ materials incised… It’s not mine, but this is an excellent Mike Pan shader:

Wow, that is incredibly useful!

I think it is pretty cool.

Sounds great to me. I’ve only just learned of this add-on. :slight_smile:

Sounds great to me. I’ve only just learned of this addon. :slight_smile: