Materials library

well ive finally gotten around to getting my materials library off the ground. all the detail is in the image. this is also very low quality to keep it smalle but you can find a decent quality copy (1.8meg) here all the textures are procedural, with the exception of the nor maps on the tile based materials…i will be releasing the blend within the next few days once i have collected up some more materials.

:o wow :o
that’s amazing 23 diferent material’s
:o wow :o
are you going to make more?

yep there are many more coming :smiley:

cool then i’m going to folow this tread al the way wel keep up the good work then :wink:

Wow, that will be an awesome resource to have, especially for newbies such as myself. 8)

i hope that will be the case.

i work with gold and your gold colors are more than wrong :wink:

the wood shaders are relay cool! thanx for sharing!


I could have fun with this. Thanks alot. You’re the coolest !!!

Wow! The woods look all amazing! Looking forward for the library file to be released.

looking forward to zee release, they all look really cool :smiley:

Me and Hanzo did this too ^_-.

But thats back when we didn’t even have cool toon shaders.

don’t forget this one

or Sonix’ car material library

and then there are some interesting materials in this thread

timmo: Can’t wait to see this blend!

Wow, those are really great looking…
My favorite shader library till now:

Hanzo’s Shaders

Man, I would love to see a consolidated Blender Materials library…


Hate to do this…

Any new developments, Timmo?
I see a lot of new projects by you, but no update here…

BTW, your sample pics have also disappeared…

WOW the last set of textures is amazing thanks!

yeah, i’m definetly gonna use those, don’t know on what, but i am! :wink:

Man those textures are gigantick!!
I put one in my project (my first ever soon to apear here ) and they totaly messed it up my pc was so slow it was practicly at a stop !! But I don’t care they are COOL thanx again?

hey timmo! still looking forward to zee release! :smiley:

I want more and much. Its really required to have simple usefull material libraries for much cases like a wood, stone, and much more…
Great work in this direction!

wow, ultra bump…maybe a PM would be better?