Materials + textures = no shadows :[

Quick question,
I usually don’t bother with making a material on an object, but for the sake of backfaces, I HAD to make one.
In order for the texture to show, I had to make a texture thingy to the right of the materials button.

The problem is, each side is shadeless which is BAD. (I.E: Can’t distinguish each side because it all looks the same despite the lighting being more bright on a certain face)

What can I do to activate it? I can’t find anything useful

In multitexture mode, a new material with a texture will show as shadeless unless the blend mode for the texture is set to ‘multiply’, because for some reason, the implementation seems to apply the lighting first and then the texture on top (which could in part be due to the limitations of a fixed function pipeline).

Ah, I see.
I haven’t used that for so long, kinda forgot what to do when it happened.

Coulda sworn it was “divide” though…
Oh well, thank you for the help!! :smiley:

ALRIGHT, so I finally got on the laptop.
Anyways, I did as you said and everything is black now?!

What happened, lol?

Multiply doesn’t seem to work for me in the latest blender version, so try some of the other shading modes, and see what it produces.

Thats no good…
Should I downgrade to an older version?!

Perhaps this would be a good time for Moguri to finally remove the BGE’s single-texture mode, there would be less code to maintain and it would be easier to find and fix bugs (multi-texture would stay since a lot of people still want it).

@Random - Try using Soft or Hard Light modes in the material’s texture blend menu.
@Ace - Yeah, might as well. Not really much need to use it now. I’ve started to move Valchion over to GLSL mode for the lighting and shadows as well, so it won’t use SingleTexture mode.

There’s no ‘Hard Light’ mode, and I already tried ‘Soft’ so I went and tried linear instead.
Rather than being completely black, it remains unchanged. Still looks shadeless :[