Math Node

Hi everyone,

I’d like to learn more about Math Node, I cant understand, yet. Thanks for support.

You do math operations with it, on a single channel. Not sure I understand the question.
Have a look through forum posts or download materials.
This one should keep you busy for a while:

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Choose the operation you want from the drop down (add, absolute value, etc). Plug in the inputs you want to use.

For operations in which order matters, the order of the inputs matters. If you subtract, it will subtract your bottom input from your top input.

For operations which use only a single input, like absolute value or tangent, only the top input is used; the bottom doesn’t matter.

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It’s probably not the node that you don’t understand, but…

I could keep posting links but ultimately you will have to do your own searching and reading, besides, I’d just look stuff up if and when I need it, that might or might not work for you too.

Also this is a good channel on youtube:

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Thanks Felix.

Thanks, Bandages!