Math on Linux?

Do any of you guys have a recommendation for a computer algebra system on Linux?

I use dc on my computer, and a TI-89 off the computer. I really like the TI-89 and I am wondering whether there exists a program (preferably TUI) with similar functionality. The added bonus of its open sourceness would be the ease of implementing functions.

I’m not sure what half the acronyms you used are :o, but an open source (and linux compatabile) CAS is Sage. It has a pythony interface. The last time I used it (roughly 2 years ago), it was sort of a pain, but it may have improved by now.

Thanks for the suggestion.

For clarification:
dc – The reverse polish calculator from GNU.
TI-89 – the most functional Texas Instrument calculator, though not as awesome as the HP-50g
TUI – text user interface, or use with the command line or ncurses in a terminal.

There is also maxima (opensource, runs on win/linux/mac IIRC).

Yes, maxima does seem to be fairly popular.

Doing a little research of my own, GNU Octave looks pretty promising. I suppose I’ll try it out.

There are just so many, and would like to know if anyone has a preference for particular one and why.

I like octave because it’s “matlab compatible”, which means mostly any command you enter in matlab will also work in octave.

Or if you can afford it, just get matlab… you’ll probably need it anyways if you do any sort of professional math/engineering type work. ?

might help, though I have a feeling you might have already gone trough it… :slight_smile:

Trying out Octave I see that it isn’t exactly what I need. Looking a bit more at the Maxima documentation makes it seem quite viable, so I am going to try that.