Hello everyone!
Here’s my render of the Daewoo Matiz car, produced in Korea and Poland for a couple of years around the year 2000. Very popular make in Poland (hm… actually…, I own one. And it’s got the same registration numbers as this one. How come? ;). Only the colours differ.
I made the model last year for sale on In Blender, obviously. Now I decided to make a few setups using the new approximate AO, which I find amazingly fast and amazingly believable, even if it’s fake GI. Apart form AO there’s one sun light (low intensity). The sky is supposed to be overcast, with some setting sun rays piercing through. There’s an angular map downloaded from, which helps with the reflections (alongside a few simple objects). Perhaps the shot is not totally realistic, but I wanted it to be cute and “nice looking” rather than photo-perfect. Stiil, any criticisms and suggestions are welcome!
Some (re)compositing and tweaking was done in Gimp (the car and the ground were rendered in two separate render layers, then two renders of the ground were combined and “de-regularized” in Gimp.
For full size (1400x1050) go to (click on the image to get the full view).


very impressive!

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