Matrix Code

Hi, this is my new creation:

thanks for watch and
pls give me some feedback, some pros or cons, what u are like/dislike…

Nice effect. A bit long, I was hoping the text would morph into a face or something. My only critique is that its a bit hard to make out the individual letters, perhaps there are too many lines making the letters too small for the available screen resolution.

Thanks for nice remarks. I originally wanted to make even more lines of code (more lines - more matrix :slight_smile: ), but hardwork of dupicate stripes stopping me.
You are right - 2min falling text is long on watching and little boring…
so i send two picture how i could have done…

some text:

and Monkey’s head in the matrix :slight_smile:

I like the monkey head. I’m a big fan of the matrix and think this is really cool work. Keep it up.