Matrix inspired scene (noobish)

Hi, im a noob. This is a Matrix inspired scene. Please give me C&C, i want to improve the scene as much as possible.

Help me with the frames to the glasses, as you can se the sub-surf screwed it up, can you help me to smooth it out. And do you have any ideas about the backround wall? And keep in mind that im a noob so please try to explain how i should improve the scene in simply language.

hmm, the bullet looks real good, but I think the shades need more work, i am not sure what style of rim/frame you want, but right now it looks like glasses from the 70’s, which doens’t quite fit in with the matrix. Are you trying to mimic ‘neo’s sunglasses?’

lighting can also be improved, i suggest lowering the lamp and move it to the side more, so the shadow doesn’t fall directly behind the bullet/glasses. also, you can use an area lamp (with ‘samples’ turned up to 3x3) to get some soft-shadow.

just keep practicing and experimenting! You’ll love blender. ( i know, at this stage you are probably thinking…how can one love a piece of software?! and the answer is, that’s why you are a ‘noob’ :D)

Thanks for your advice. I just want to say that although I’m a noob I already love blender(since i’ve done alot of stuff but never any good:P). And i was trying to mimic Morpheus’ glasses, and i didnt have any reference so i just took it from what i remember.

Hey guy! Great job on everything…personally I like the texture on the glasses…but here is an image of the glasses from the movie for you to go by so you can keep revising this thing till it’s picture perfect!

Here’s the new improved scene.

As you can se I’ve changed the light to add some visible shadows, and i have added a area lamp, even though you can’t really see it, because im still testing the light intensity. I have completely remodled the glasses to make them look more like morpheus’.

I’d say, myself, that the specular highlights need to be sharper.

The bullets are very tiny compared to the glasses. They look smaller than an eye there…