Matrix Reaload Scene

“The Last APU”

I am new to the forum…

Hei Tony, welcome to the forum…

Nice render, the modelling looks pretty good. Could you show us some wires?
The lighting is a little bit flat, you should try to define better your key light, then you can separate the subject from the background… if you want to use that colors, maybe you will need to clean up the texture of the wall, and the image will be easy to understand…

Good job man, keep it up!!

Great image, I love the atmosphere!

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It’s not showing up!

No is a scene from the film, is an homage. The real title is “the last APU”. My fault… :eyebrowlift2:

this is fantastic!

The process

The process:

awesome scene! a LOT of deatils :slight_smile: congratulations!

No textures, no materials

OMG !!!
it looks fantastic to me!

Very cool, but you could easily make it better by color balance to make it more matrix blueis like. Also some shadows would help. Now it look like clay render. But these could be done quickly and the hardest thing - model, textures and composition are great.

Well, it’s already a “WIP”(rs). Based on what has been opined here I am making changes. Thanks!

After some improvements…

Obs.: The picture posted here seem to have lost some quality…

Yeah, maybe you could use the image URL from your wordpress instead upload it to BA…

Your image now is too blueis, should be more subtle!

is done!

Hope you don’t mind but this is what I was thinking about (i’m not to good at drawing, but you get the point hopefully):

I did not plan the scene so dark, but I think that can really change the light distribution. Thanks!

Great modeling!

nice work ;D