Matte Paintings (6)

Hey, Just got inspired by Ben’s stuff. (Thanks Ben!) Here’s my try at some matte paintings, first two ever!

did this one first

did this one second, I did not paint the water though.

please critique me, I need to know how to fix them!

The second one’s doing some weird things to my vision.
I can’t tell if its a reflection in the water or a cliff ending.
But it’s a cool effect. The clouds could be fluffier, but they fit in the style.
Keep it up.

I particularly like the first. Though I think for the mountains in the background should be a tad darker (though obviously maintaining the low conrast).

I agree with cire’s comment about the clouds - here’s a tutorial (by the crazy-talented Stephen Stahlberg) that does a very good job of explaining how to paint them for some inspiration. Obviously I was too lazy to paint my own in the image you mentioned, but I’ve used it before.

Thanks ben! That will definitly help, I’ll have to test that out. Here is another one I made, let me know what you think, it was a fun exercise, ~20 minutes

EDIT: I tried the cloud tutorial, didn’t go so good, I don’t have the same functions that he has.

aaaand did another one, all greyscale, mountain scene, can you tell what the fence is made of? Or what the black blob is to the left? Give me some critiques that will make these objects look more familiar, even in a sillouette form. And what about the mountains in the back, plus the clouds.

A barbed wire fence and a tree? They are fairly recognisable. I think the cloud looks a bit like a plume of smoke though.

Pretty nice stuff, the last one gets my vote for the best so far.

Hmm… I need a technique to make trees. This is supposed to be a rendering of a bluff in my hometown, La Crosse WI, Here is a pic of one of them:

What can I do to make my trees more detailed?

EDIT. Made another one, with a reference

I can feel myself getting a little better. These ones have taken me ~30 minutes. I need more ideas! Oh, and what do you think of the clouds in this one?


I’ve been playing nazi zombies a lot with friends lately, after playing the first level in a long time, I realized the song was called ‘zombie’ by the Cranberries. Anyway, some lyrics in the song… 'Whats in your head… zombie… zombie… zombeh… eh eh eh eh". I have a feeling the song is about soldiers being mindless, going to war etc. Anyway, decided to do something different besides a matte. First ever sketch in gimp! I wanted to put a lot of feeling into it and this is what came out.