mavelous designer

Sumbled upon this gem of software,

so easy to handle. and such great results.

anyways 3000$ is its own league…

Marvelous Designer, I stumbled on it ones too.
Not worth $3000.- in my opinion though.
Would be great to see something among those lines for baking cloth movement on that scale in Blender (same goes for hair, been dying [still a’m ‘dying’] to see some work being done on the hair sim.)

It’s around from time and got a lot of attention indeed, pretty cool piece of software, i used it a lot too.

Why $3000? Unless you are a company you can stick with the Personal and choose the 240$ billed annually.

If you are a freelancer, you are eligable for the use of Personal License, however if you are to continue the use of Marvelous Designer in Enterprise conditions, you will have to purchase an Enterprise License