Max - a Trimaxian Drone Ship

I got flight of the Navigator on blu-ray last week and it inspired me to have a crack at Max, the ship.

I have never seen an accurate mesh of this ship - which is weird considering its such a classic. Seemingly very simple in design - the shape is actually quite complicated to get right.

I grabbed some poor quality screen caps from the version of the movie that is on youtube (particularly the images from the computer screens in the hospital showing a wireframe schematic of the ship) as a reference. I only wish my computer had a blu-ray drive - I would have loved to use HD screencaps from my blu-ray - but no matter.

Its starting to come together - although it is nowhere near “there” yet. I have still got a lot more tweaking to do. but I thought i’d share my progress:


You must be as old as me. Nice!

Great effort so far, looking forward to see you do the steps and open entrance to the ship :slight_smile:

After some tweaking - still not happy with it though.


Looks very good, if I remember correctly the craft had a bit more shine on it, kinda like a liquid silver metal

this is great! But I remember it being a little more reflective

The material is temporary - whilst i’m modelling. I’m not going to worry about getting the material right until i’m happy with the shape.

Another update - starting to come together.


Well the shape looks really good

Ah yes. the Flight Of the navigator!