.max conversion to .scn

I have a .max that I need to be able to convert to .scn and back to .max. I know there was a script for a plugin to do this for blender here on the forum, but now the download links do not work. I really don’t want to be forced to use 3dsMAX- blender is definitely where it’s at and I’m a lifetime user of it (not much experience, but it’s the only 3d program I’ve actually spent a good amount of time using.) Can anyone help me out? Or maybe there is some other plugin that can change a .max into something that can be opened with blender?

Just to let people understand what I’m doing… I just started messing with cryengine. And, in my opinion it just blows UE4 out of the water. However, there really is only support for maya and max with the engine.

You will need to open that .max file in 3DSMax and export into a suitable format such as .fbx to open it in blender

There was an addon for .max files but it required 3DS Max anyway to function IIRC. I’d recommend you investigate Cryblend (Collada / .dae based), and FBX if using the latest Cryengine version (5.2). There’s also Playup on Sketchup if you’re only exporting non deforming geometry.

I’m wondering the same