Max fps

Hey all,

The max fps is 60 in a basic blend game.
Is there a way to increase that?

Thanks. ^^

I believe you have to select ‘enable all frames’ in Blender and then de-select vsync in your GPU control panel.

I don’t know why anyone needs more than 60 FPS though except for speed tests.

Yea I need it for speed tests lol

Btw I see the enable all frames but I can’t find vsync on my computer…

What does enable all frames get you? Without disabling vsync I can still get 400+ fps in a simple game.

Strange, it just sticks to 60.

You mean game -> Enable all frames… right?

That’s where the menu item should be.

You could always just use the ‘show profile’ option as a way of measuring performance since it shows how long it takes to process things in milliseconds (like physics, rendering, sound, ect…)

Before 2.49 I believe it just shows percentages, but since then milliseconds show very accurately how long everything is taking to be done (Benoit tested the performance increase of various scenegraph speedups before 2.49 using this method instead of relying on raw FPS)

Ah, oke.

Well thanks a lot for helping. ^^