MAX vertex count?

(stephen2002) #1

I have never figured out the exact number of vertices that Blender can render without crashing. I know that it is between 1,700,000 and 1,800,000.

I hit the limit so often, I would like to know what the exact number is so I don’t have to go “load, render, crash, load, decimate, render, crash” untile it dosn’t crash.

(steve343) #2

as far as i know the vertex count is limited by ur sytems memory but i could be wrong … i usually am

(stephen2002) #3

the vertex count within the Blender file and its internal displays is only limited by memory.

Unfortunatly, there is an upper limit for both the max size of a mesh (64,000 verts) and the number of verts that can be rendered at once.

I WISH it where only the computer memory! :frowning: