Maximum Graphics Load

Hey all. I’m planning to make a game using the new Blender Game Engine, but I was curious as to what my limits on vertex/faces/polygons (whatever you want to reference it to) is. I am running a relatively powerful computer, (2.4ghz, GeForce 4 128MB, 512 RAM) and I need to know how many vertex/faces/polygons I can use so that my computer can handle the game. I’m hoping to make the game with pretty sweet, sharp graphics, and I need a ball park of my limit. Thanks in advance.

There is no real limit, but it is like 4000 max faces per model. Try to stay under that, because some people on this forum (not me) don’t have very good computers.

I made some tests on my P4 1.7 GHZ 256mb RAM gForce2 64 mb:

147.472 vertices, in textured mode:

Blender Publisher: 3-4 FPS
Blender 2.34: 20-30 FPS

But, assuming you’ll have all the models in a big scene, so you can use the culling, and each model has between 4000-8000 verts and in total(scenario,character,objects…) there are 150.000 verts, i think you can get 50-60 FPS in your computer.

Hmm, i dident know the new blender was that much better :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: .

Remember i’m using culling…