<<Maximum strength>>

Hi everyone!!!

I would like to show you my latest work,that I’ve been busy with for a while now.After fixing and re-fixing things I decided to call it - finished.

Any comments will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.


cool :slight_smile:
you played crysis?
looks similar :slight_smile:

It is crysis :slight_smile: I played this game a while back and had an idea of modeling it one day.

Nice, my first impression was to think you got the model straight out of the game, (and I’ve played that game a good deal) great modeling.

Biggest problem I have with it is the way the background gets dark near the bottom left, its making him feel like he’s floating above the ground, just my 2 cents.

great model and presentation…
the pose is relaxed in this action shot… it should’ve been more interesting…

textures need some dirt to be believable…

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Kick ass! That’s cool!

Thanks guys for all the comments.Texturing and composition are not one of my strongest points at this stage , but I will keep on working on it.

Take care,everyone.

looks nice …but the nano suites hands doesn’t look that way …it looks here much of a normal glove then a nano suite

Yes, you are right GE-FORCE the gloves do look different. I allowed to myself to cut 1 or 2 corners that dont really make much of a difference.Its like a bad habbit - once the project starting to take too long - I am looking for all kind of shortcuts. I am working on it :slight_smile: