maxium vertices in an object

I am working on a object of a shoe and I am going for detail so the vertice count is high as well as the face count. I have redone the shoe many time and as I get up to around 250000 vertices blinder start to act up and slow down. My question is does blinder have a max on how many vertices and faces can be use on a object.

Blender can handle millions of verts. It’s more likely that your Graphics card can’t handle the display.


“your Graphics card can’t handle the display”

…so you might want to use things like the subsurf modifier, and texture as much as possible (as opposed to modeling the mesh sceen stuff of a running shoe) to save polys.

Thanks all for the fast reply… I may look into a new card. I thought ATI 6800 would work.

Eeh, that’s getting down there a bit these days. Subsurfs are great for that because you can make shapes out of fewer real polys and crank the detail down when you’re working on it.

Multires … well, my Radeon X12-something gets a little chuggy on multires 4 and 5 of a bog standard icosphere (120k and 300k vertses). OTOH, i’m still using an athlon XP, which can’t even seem to use any of the optimized builds, and so on …

@ finder:
true that your card is a bit old, your computer might be too, but taking the opportunity to learn about subsurf modeling and detailing the model with textures would be even better than spending money on hardware. Even with the most modern card you’ll get bogged down very soon if you don’t know how to use layers, how to hide vertices, how to manage your scenes… There are so many techniques to ease the load CG puts on a computer that it would be worth it if we all shared them in a dedicated thread.

@ star weaver
Your card’s good: I get better results with a stupid Nvidia 7300 with no RAM of its own. The CPU yes but maybe also the low RAM in your computer may be more likely culprits? Anyways, since Multires increases the complexity of the mesh exponentially we’ll be a long time before we can go higher than levels 5-6 on a base mesh of 100-200 polys.


Thanks for you info. I sometime get of my self when trying to do something new like 3d modelling. At 58 I think my mine should work like it did at 20. I didn’t even think to use
textures to do most of the detailing or even hide a few vertices. Now how to manage your scenes would be a great tutorial for a newbe

[quote There are so many techniques to ease the load CG puts on a computer that it would be worth it if we all shared them in a dedicated thread./quote]
this would be nice as most newbe would pussing there cards and computer to it limit like I do. I should know better then to start a model before thinking though on how it should done. I hate getting old lol