Maya 2020 Youtube video gets stormed

Just watched the Maya 2020 trailer on Youtube and the comment section gets stormed by Blender users. I am not saying that this is a good or wrong thing to do. It just happens.

Well, than i am gonna say it:
Effing disgusting, childish, trollish, embarrassing fanboy-behavior is what damages the reputation of everybody that is using Blender in an professional manner as well as the brand Blender itself.
We are all seen as guilty by association in the eyes of the public and i don’t like it.
It isn’t good, its wrong and it shouldn’t happen.
Nobody in the 3D industry is doing anything like that. Its only the Blender-fanboys raiding the comment section with their troll-brigade. :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:


I wholeheartedly agree. I love Blender and I try to do as most of my workflow as possible in Blender, but fanboying over it and attacking or mocking other software is just wrong. If you want to complain about Maya’s prices, sudden crashes and lack of new features, do so, but do not add Blender into the conversation unless it’s needed for real.


Jeah that’s not the right way to spread the word for blender. Convince with great art and not that.

I have read that multiple times that this happens… Hopefully this will change when everybody knows that this is not right. Annoying for the maya youtube channel and also hurting the blender community.

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While I can understand former Autodesk users being disenfranchised with the company and its products, some Blender users are taking things way too far. I don’t mind a little poking fun at Autodesk’s expense, but there is nothing tongue-in-cheek or ironic about it when they make comments like these and just come off as pretty immature.

What does not help is that Youtube is extremely lax about making sure the comments of any video follow basic civility guidelines. As a result the comment sections of popular videos have always been prone to becoming dumpster fires (even if they are about cute puppies), but somehow the site seems to have no problem hunting down and deleting videos containing ‘incorrect’ speech or content.

The best thing to do would be to make sure Maya users come here for their impressions on Blender, where the staff do a pretty good job of preventing mob mentality in threads.

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Whole Youtube appears more and more like an dumpster fire itself.

Many times it happens that the same users of other software (Maya in this case) take the opportunity to express their anger and disagreement generally at the high prices of the product or subscription methods, noting the company that there is other free software out there that they could switch to.
That is, many of them are just that other software fanboys users complaining and angry because they can no longer afford their beloved software (which is not Blender). They are just taking advantage of the fact that Blender exists and is good enough, to put pressure on the company.