Maya Artist transition to Blender 1st Project complete

Hiya guys, I’m a Maya artist with over 10 years of professional Game Art experience and I’m pretty happy with my Maya > Blender transition so far. Love it!

Why did I choose a shoe as a learning project? Dunno :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Very excited for 2022. I believe it’s safe to say it’s Blender from here on out.


  • Zbrush (for sculpting, still too good > But will be using Blender for smaller stuff as it’s almost there)
  • Substance Painter (Haven’t found anything nearly as good for Blender yet, still searching)
  • Blender (Retopo/UV/Render)

Looks great!
Best wishes on learning blender.
I used to use Maya since 2004 but for the last years I 100% switched to blender and have a great time using it.
My advice for any comers from another software - get used to default keymap. I spent some time using Maya’s keymap preset and quickly found that I’m missing part of what makes blender’s workflow so efficient.

Thx! Funny you mentioned the keymap! Honestly, if it wasn’t for the Maya Config add-on from Form Affinity I probably wouldn’t have given it a fair shake like most I know, because the keymap doesn’t compute with me, unfortunately. But thx to that add-on I was able to fully explore it freely and in the process learned about all the cool things that make Blender… Blender.

Absolutely digging it.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Wow that’s amazing, thank you very much!

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What I did in the end as a Maya/Softimage XSI/Houdini/Painter user was to sync the camera/viewport navigation shortcuts for all 3d applications.
That way at least the navigation isn’t causing brain bleeding when switching between all the 3D apps :wink:
And the shortcut menu is great for those often used things without digging around too much in the UI.

Very very nice work!
I may have a teeny tiny critique. If that is a game asset, low poly, it is awesome! For the final render, I might have added a catmull-clark subsurf because the shoe siluette is a lil jagged. If that works with all else and wont torn things apart ofc.

Btw, is it real leather or faux? :grin::grin:

Hiya yeah, I noticed it, but it’s a game asset that would appear small on screen in the grand scheme of things, so I left the jaggie :slight_smile: Thx much!

I put up the final EEVEE renders on AS

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