MAYA: from controls to joints

Hi, I´m new here and I need some help, I have been using maya to animate some characters for a video game I´m making in XNA and I´m using a program that allow me to export the animations to the video game, the problem is that the program only let me use FBX files for the model and joints and TGA files for textures, maps, etc. I tried to export the file in maya to FBX but I just can´t do it, the joints need to be the ones that are animated, because if the FBX have controls or IK handlers the program will crash and if I don´t have TGA files the program will crash, I tried to just key all the joints in the animation but if I do that the contrains that I made will disapear and the joints won´t do the rotations that I want, and I just don´t know how to key all the frames at the same time, and even if I do that I still need to export the textures to a TGA file.

Summarising : I need to export a animated model with a rig, IK handlers, controls, textures, displacemnt maps and normal maps in maya 2012 to a FBX file with model, animated joints and TGA files with the textures, displacement maps and normal maps.

I really don´t know how to create the TGA files and running out of time, please help.