Maya input key doesn't work in ubuntu.

i install blender 2.66 on ubuntu 13.04.
But when i try to work with maya input keys.
The keys like orbit,zoom dolly the camera does not work. and the other keys.
But the blender input key in fine.
What should i do?

It would be very nice of you to name exactly the keys that are not working, not everyone here uses Maya keymap.
As for keys involving holding alt while pressing mouse buttons, in Ubuntu you’ll need to install CompizConfig Settings Manager, go into General->General Options->Key Bindings and remap those keys to something else, e.g. <Alt>Button3 to <Super>Button3. It is important to remap, not remove them, because the manager would restore removed mappings when you exit it.

Thanks Stan.
I install CompizConfig Settings manager.
And the problem is solved.
Thanks a lot.