Maya-like Paint FX

hey guys,

is there anything like maya paint effects for blender?
i’m trying to reproduce something like this…

cheers christian

awesome :slight_smile:
thanks for the tips atom!!

do you think something like this would also be doable with the addon?

or maybe this

You could approximate the look with the addon by creating several strands inside a mesh. To create several strands simply make several face selections to the mesh, while in edit mode, then use the AddOn. After generation, however, you will need to apply several different bevel curves to migrate the initial wire shape into those flat type segments. The AddOn bounces around inside a mesh, not on top.

Another approach to achieving that look might be to model some thick strands on your own, turn them into softbodies and let gravity “Drape” them over a head mesh. Once gravity has bent them to conform to the shape of the head apply the sofdtbody to lock in the shape.

both good ideas! thanks for the help i will give it a try :slight_smile: