maya user switching to blender, changing user settings, help?

I have changed it so I can rotate, translate and zoom like I can in maya using the shortcuts
Alt LMB - Rotate, Alt MMB - Translate, and Alt RMB - Zoom

It was all working fine until I went into edit mode and tried zooming, I can’t since select is right click, so I switched it to left click like maya has it for selecting edges, objects, faces, and vertex, to see if that would fix the problem.
I could now Zoom in and out but now I can’t rotate since selecting is now LMB and Rotate is Alt+LMB

Is there a way to enable both to work? so I can select and also rotate without it being disabled by select

I have tried adjusting to Blenders controls but I am just to use to Maya’s controls.

I’ve never tried to get Blender to work exactly the same way as Maya, but…

If you forget about the Alt key, you can:

MMB to rotate
Shift-MMB to pan
and mouse wheel to zoom

You can get this behaviour if you reset to factory settings. It might take you a bit of time to get used to (it did for me) but no more than a couple of weeks.

Also, just switching Preferences -> Input -> Select with to Left will make things more comfortable for you. The only thing I’ve noticed that doesn’t get switched with this setting is setting the current frame in the Timeline.

Hope this helps.