Maybe I won't use rigging for simple animation

Hi guys,

When I heard there are animators who don’t use rigging, I thought it was weird.

But now I kinda understand them.

I’m still a beginner, and slow runner, I tried to animate SIMPLE things and was horrified how many things can go wrong.
It’s me, not blender, I’m not complaining about bledner. It’s just, animation and rigging are painful.

I tried bones, empty objects, shape keys–I know how to use them. It’ just, using them properly for my purpose is nearly impossible for me now. Especially avoiding mesh distortion.

I’ll just move each vertex myself and use some shape keys. Actually it’s faster than rigging for simple animation.

anyone is frustrated like me?

anyone is frustrated like me

Nope - I love rigging, it gives me a real sense of achievement. I don’t mind whether its objects and constraints or bones, personally, I have never used shapekeys, but I will add this to my knowledge base in due course.

Actually it’s faster than rigging…

I beg to differ…

Why don’t you post a picture of what you are trying to do, or even a blend file - then we can help you…

Cheers, Clock.

It’s a box character with simplest box body and joints. It’s not about not knowing how to do, I can learn it one by one myself,
I just feel rigging is painful.

on the other hand I love modeling and adjusting textures.

Hi mignon, I would agree with clock, you need to post something so that we can tell you if you can avoid rigging.

It’s true that ShapeKeys are really cool, but they are also very limited. I remember at first wanting to animate only with shapeKeys, but in fact, it doesn’t work for many things because the way it works for a vertex in a blendshape is going from A to B in a straight line but in organic animation the ARCS are so important that it is it’s own animation principle.

If you like to model and texture, you don’t have to learn rigging and animation… Just create stunning images! :wink: