Maybe this is my last message

From the beginning of October, in the country where i live will begin massive internet blocking (Chinese firewall #2). Which mean - I could no longer keep my connection to the world. Maybe i’ll have opportunity to get here again, but i absolutely not sure about my future, so i think that i should say good bye, until it’s too late.

I began my learning of Blender since year 2015-2016. Since then I hase made some progress in learning hard surface modeling, sculpting and character animation. And also thanks to persistence that i’ve learned during examination of Blender i could learn basics of other stuff that related to game dev (except coding).

And I couldn’t do a half of that without you - your help and support greatly helped me when i was needed it, and i really glad that I’m part of such big, friendly and growing community, and for that i must tell you - Thank you. And I’m very sad that government taking such thing from me.

Unfortunately i couldn’t find a job to get out from here in time - i failed, miserably (so yeah, it’s my fault). All i can say in my defence - because of bad economical situation in my country it’s very hard to find a job (what people experiencing right now is not even poverty anymore - it’s misery), mostly there needs loaders (i don’t have such good health for it) and managers (don’t have education and diploma for it), and of course people for government power structures (…). But even in this case i could find atleast something for such important thing as survival.

To be honest, it’s scary to live in country, which authorities do their best to hold their position on throne, and they can do everything for it, and they don’t care about people’s life, so end someone’s life for them is easy as snap fingers.

In any case, thank you for… everything, good bye and good luck.

P.S. I hope I’ll come back.

Yeah i rereaded it all and yeah, there’s a lot of drama because I’m scared. If you don’t want to read it all just know that i appreciate to all of you for helping me this whole time, you’re cool people, and i wish you luck.


Lemenus, it is truly heartbreaking to read your story. Truly. I want you to know that as a citizen of the United States, I never ever take for granted all of the freedoms that I have (and hopefully will continue to have) and although I can never really understand what someone like yourself is going through, since I have not been in that situation, you have my commiseration and support regardless. Please, if there is a fire in you to have a better life, keep it burning, at all costs. Hopefully your day will come. I wish you well Lemenus!


Stay strong man. Hopefully one day that nightmare will finally be over and you and your fellow countrymen can be free. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that nothing lasts. The Chinese government may rule with an iron fist now, but even tyrannical regimes aren’t immune to the times of change.

Till next time and good luck! Want to avoid good byes to remain optimistic. :slight_smile:

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Fear comes from unknown, thrive to be aware. There are always ways to work around :wink:

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Here is my directory on my scrapbooks. They might help you in any way.

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I really hope your country’s condition will improve and even a better government will emerge. I wish you all the best, @Lemenus .

Sad to hear that and we in the west are often taking for granted our relative liberty when other people in the world live in oppression and poverty.

I hope everything is going to be fine for you and your family and i wish you the best for the future.

I know how corrupted are your government and they are ruthless toward anyone wanting to protest but one day they will fall just like all the other dictatorship before, hang on brother we are behind you as fellow artists!

Do you think this has something to do with the situation in Hong Kong?

I’m no pro when it comes to telecom and networking, but would it not be possible to use a VPN and/or proxy server to get around the firewall?

And that is, of course, also dependent on how much risk would be involved should you get caught. :

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Hopefully, BA might not be blocked. There’s not much of a threat here, and thought some threads may have references to some fragile topics, it may be possible that the Chinese authorities don’t even bother to block BA’s IP.

Either way, it’s allways possible to workaround the ‘Great Firewall’. For example by ‘Onion Routing’.

So I hope to still be able to see all chinese folks keep coming here. :wink:

So BA is sometimes blocked in my country and sometimes not. Don’t know why.
But here is the case: Most VPNs (or at least free ones and the ones that do many ads like tunnelbear or expressvpn and such) are blocked and once that are not blocked are mostly paid vpns with a small group of users and they are heavily monitored by the gov in a way or another. as long as you don’t do anything political they don’t care.

here is an example of my daily struggles:
each have around 8 countries and yes some days NONE of them work

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Man, that sucks! I’m sorry you guys have to deal with that. :expressionless:


One thing to note is that this could affect the LANPR developer as well. I do not have much hope of it being committed to master if China is transitioning to a totalitarian dictatorship, where he might be walled off from anything related to Blender (if he’s not arrested first).

To note, it’s likely that Blender already lost a developer or two due to geopolitical changes, many years back there was an Iranian developer who was working on the BGE, but vanished when his country was rocked by protests.

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I’m so sorry I can’t give more than words here, but I’m with you, I really am, and I do hope a road will open up for you to get you out of that mess … all fingers crossed.
May the force be with you, always!

Hard to imagine how living in such conditions, really is. Not having access to information or tools. The only thing I can remember that back in 1998 when I was about 13y, that the internet was almost useless in terms of practicality or importance, also it was running on the clock with dial-up modems so there was a mindset and pressure to get only the crucial things done with it. Also in terms of information there was not such wealth of resources or thing to look for and learn things.

Despite these circumstances, I got started using these trial versions of [3ds max 4] and [formz]. I was hooked for a whole summer plowing through the tutorials contained with the installations again and again all day long. Within 2 months I was able to model, animate, render things. I was curious and wanted to just to pass time and fight boredom, after that I dropped 3d and moved on to something else.

But the point is that despite these factors there was still a way for doing things. Some youngsters reading this might think we were wearing vault suits and stuff running around with clubs. No everything were normal.

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I can imagine how you are feeling @Lemenus, as I am living through maybe a much worse situation here (Algeria), but our only hope is to work even harder than anyone else in the world to improve our situation, I decided to take my hobby as my way of living even if its kill me.

Don’t give up!

it is said that before dawn there is the darkest moment.
Good luck, best hopes.