MayDay (labour day) openmovie


After 3 weeks of hard work we finally finished our animation. It is 2d but done in blender and using inkscape, gimp, mypaint and audacity. All free software. It was a crew of 3 people for the animation and one for the illustration. My friend Jotage was also a partner.

hope you like it.

we will try to translate to spanish and english soon.
we will upload all the .blend and .ora soon;

cheers :slight_smile:

I don’t understand it (it’s somenthing against oppression and racism, isn’t it?), but never mind, it looks great!!!

the animation quality is great, i can’t wait for the translation. I’m very happy to see blender being used for more 2D styles and other alternative styles.

It is something about working conditions.

LOL! Animation is about May the 1st, international day of labor (at least it was in a countries that had anything to do with Marxism). It is still celebrated in some European countries (even in some that never had socialism). I don’t think its celebrated (or even mentioned) in USA.

I loved animation style! It shows versatility of Blender very well!

May Day has been celebrated for many centuries before socialism was ever thought of.