Mazda Furai

The last car that I modelled in my work.

Really cool, It looks like an alien spaceship but it’s really great !!!

Great job! I personally like to render cars with longer focal length (50mm or above), but that’s just my personal opinion. Also, the brakes look purrrrfect! I was wondering if you could share the materials (if you don’t mind)?

PS: Why are the rear wheels on the second render also turned?


i mistaked the image

Looks awsome

Really nice. Interesting concept, I think I like the first render the best.

pretty crazy car :smiley: never heard of it :slight_smile: like your rims!

I like it! Furai is definitely unique and interesting looking car.
Cool renders.

The black version has a Batmobile look to me. Pretty neat renders. I’ve always had trouble making cars in 3D, so they are all the more impressive for that. :slight_smile:

black with blue light!

the neon is so cool! perfect :smiley:

Great Model, love it!

On a different note
Its a shame we don’t have a new generation of rotary powered sports cars yet.
Really nice work. :slight_smile: