mazda miata mx5

car i’m currently working on. Any advice welcome. Thanks




So far, so good. :slight_smile:

A 1995ish model of the Miata was my post-grad school, single guy car. :slight_smile: Lotsa fun!

It’s gonna be red, right?

Hmm…yea I could use red. I might do that. Thanks

The model looks almost fine, however there are many unneeded vertices on some parts of the car (see image).

I sugest you to get rid of them and keep only the ones that are strictly required. This way the mesh is much easier to maintain.


oh. Your right about that. I wish I had realized that . Thanks. Time for reconstruction.

heres some pics of the model at the moment


slight update


I think the “eyebrows” over the headlights are overstylized, but overall its coming along well! :slight_smile:

You have waaay too many vertices as I said before.

I think you can model this car with 10% of the vertices you use. Try to get rid of some of them.

TRexian: your right…that really doesn’t look very good

Cipix: your right. I got kinda confused trying to make the door lines and add the lines I saw on the blueprint. I got really carried away. The entire car is pretty dense. I don’t think it’s a very good model and it would be faster to restart. I’m just going to start on something else and try do it right this time. Thanks

Hey styler:
I think you are on the right track with your modelling skills but you have look at a few good car wires too see how to place the vertices and edge loops.

Some links with wires:

You can look also at my Citroen C3 and Renault Scenic WIP.

thanks, those are very useful…i’ll study those so I can get a better feel for auto modeling