Maze Craze

Hey guys,
I know i’m making the Zelda movie, and I’m still working on it. But I decided to make a game a while back. I did and it took me like a week. It was pretty fun but i have two unresolved annoying issues. And i decided to get back into the blend. file and fix them. However, I don’t know how, and i was hoping that the people of blenderartists could give me some advice.

  1. There is a really annoying glitch in Level 3. There are places where you get hit by something which is invisible and you loose health. And i don’t know what they are cuz i’ve even looked at the exact spots in the blend. file and they’re not there.

  2. I have background music which is supposed to play while you play the game. But it only plays on Level 3. It doesn’t play on Level 2 or Level 1.
    I have each level in it’s own scene. And in each of those scenes, the cameras are set up exactly the same. Here’s the picture of the logic bricks for the camera…

I hope you have answers to these problems :’(

CGI Master

where is everyone?

Why did we have to dld the pic?

“why do we have to dld the pic?”
what? i don’t get it.
i just need peope to answer these questions.

Upload the pic to somewheres where we don’t have to download it.

here is the pic…

Hm… may I have a blend file please? I won’t mess with it I just need to look over it to see if you may have missed something.

it’s like 30mb. and i have slow internet.
can anyone at least TRY to answer the questions without seeing the blend file? maybe some suggestions?

select the object that makes music, ctrl-l click scene to move them from scene to scene.
Get in wireframe view so you may see tthe invisible objects.

i don’t know why i didn’t think of making a differnt object play the music. that’s a good idea. but one thing you just taught me was how to move things from scene to scene. is it shift- “i” or “L”?
but for the other thing, i already did view it in wireframe mode. There’s absolutely nothing there.

hey guys,
i finally fixed the sound problem.
I took the sound out of the blender sound block. I renamed it. And then put it back in. And it works.

but i’m still facing the other problem. and as soon as i fix it, i will put this game up on the net!

i have played Level 3 in wireframe mode, top view, orthographic.
there are still invisible things that keep me!
but what it looks like is…
wherever there’s a thing that hurts you, there’s an enemy which is perfectly mirrored on the other side of the level. it’s really weird.


need help.

is the center(dot) not in the center of the obj?

yes. the center dot is in the center of the object.

i still need help guys.
this is a big problem.
it’s the biggest glitch i’ve ever seen in any program.