maze game problem

I was doing the maze game tutorial on this site, and came to a part where it told me to

Now we have set all our movements. Lets click the Actor button at the top left of the edit buttons. Then click dynamic then change all the setting so they are the same as below.
I looked for a longtime and could not find an actor button. Was this written for an earlier version of blender? Can I still do what he’s saying in blender version 2.33? I wouldnt ask, but This is a 4 part tut, and Im on the 4th part. Diddnt want to give up so fast. :slight_smile:

Goto the world buttons, click on the thing in the middle box that says “none”, and select “sumo”. Now the actor buttons will be there.

Never would have guesed. :smiley: Thanks man.

You’re welcome!

I know that because in tuhopuu, in that list are a couple physics engines to choose from (not in the current builds, though).