mblur single frame

Ok, I’ve searched multiple forums, the internet, and tutorials, and I can’t figure this one out!

How do you add a motion blur effect basically? Beyond just pressing the mblur button (as that alone, doesn’t work)… I have several frames set out, but when I render a single frame it just renders the currently selected frame multiple times. How do I tell blender to render more than one frame in mblur? I don’t want to do an animation, just a single frame with mblur.


You need one or more objects to move (or the camera to move) between 2 frames.

Without something moving, motionblur makes no sense.


Check this thread:


Well, basically I baked a liquid, and it does ‘move’ between the frames… I’m not sure if that’s what you’re getting at. I’m not sure how to ‘define movement’… That’s the problem.

Try a more extreme approach - liquid movement is often quite subtle and may not show up with a small amount of motion blur.

Try: Select OSA samples of 11 (But turn OSA off) and turn on motion blur with a blur factor of about 3 (frames)

Render, and let me know if you see any bluring now!

(Frame will render 11 times and be slightly different each time)

Blender fluid doesn’t move. It uses a unique mesh for each frame, so there is no way use standard motion blur with it.

There should probably be an option to bake fluid for between frams, but that would then increase baking time and storage by 5, 8, 11 or 16 times.

I tried the OSA11 and motion factor 3, turned off raytracing, rendered, still the same…

I understand now, since blender fluid doesn’t ‘move’ now it can’t create mblur because there are no ‘inbetween’ places.

I suppose the only way to do a motion blur type effect is to add 2d blur in a 3rd party program?

Damn Surt, I didn’t realise that.

Hang on…

Try using the sequence editor - add the scene ina couple of times with a frame offset and blur them together.

(It’s getting prettly late here now, so I’m not going to play with that concept tonight, but give it a go!)