mcandy on 11 second club

my first try on blender (and i like it)

i didnt manage to finish the animation for the competition, but now this is final for me (for now).

i will still be happy to hear some comments about it

well something was brought to my attention…this animation is really really good…it is strange that you do not have any comments? neither your other thread…Something wrong with your account that I am unaware of?

Anyways, the animation is very good, short but really funny and well animated…I am still scratching my head why you haven’t gotten any comment by now…no offense just common sense. 5/5!

You may want to post it in you tube, may be people don’t like very much quicktime or waiting to download the file. You may use .FLV instead…streaming.

See ya

thanx for the warm reply :slight_smile: i was wondering why i never get replies also in other threads where i just asked some questions.
anyway you are probably right i should upload it in a smaller version. it’s right now standing on 10MB


Yeh, good animation, shame you didn’t get it in on time. Glossy reflections would have made it look better (not that it matters, as it would have been judged on the animating, but you know, it’s these little things…)

Blenderguy has a good point - speaking for my self, I have a habit of giving up if it’s taking too long to load, or if I have to dowload files and open them in another program

ps, had a look at your site, a lot of good stuff there. Your junk dinosaur reminded me of an animation I did last year

hi! I really liked this animation! top notch :smiley: and I was wondering I could have a link to your site that saorsa mentioned so I can take a look at your other stuff

Yes very nice. Me like. The lip syncing is a little off. Is that Dean Jones? You could also use a sound effect when he ignites the torch and a squeak when he puts his hood down. Good sound always makes an animation more real. I also like the camera angles.

I give you a 4.5 out of 5. Very nice.

I don’t think you are allowed to add extra sound effects for the 11 second club competition

(you are only allowed to add extra frames at the start and end)

nice work snot_nose

Well smooth an nice the acting. It is very well done.
If you want some focused criticism you can exagerate some act like when he is cleaning his face you can add extra reactions of the body or take a little more friction to delay the return of the head.
Also when he is touching the things or hitting the door you can add some bounce on the hand or some reaction of the arm after he touches the door, like he is vibrating.

Anyway as I told you it is well done and if all the things I said to you are part of the style you wanted just forget about the comments. Your style and artistic expression is more important than any animation rule.

thanx for your kind replies, you made my day!
Lord: I consider this animation finished, because i want to move to next projects and because i already did vertex cache for fixing deformation issues with the anisculp technic, but thanx for your comments i will consider them for my next animations.
fish: i put it on my signature now.
saorsa: where would u add more glossy reflections? on the safe box?

i have to say it’s my first work with blender and im really satisfied from this software. hope to learn the rigging tools soon and work on my own characters in the near future. btw does anyone know if there is some script for auto rigs for blender?

Haha, the dinosaur animation is great.

I like it a LOT…great character animation.

However, your lip sync is way off. A suggestion for this is to make sure the mouth matches the current sound a frame or two before it happens.

Great work though!

I was not forcing you to change, just giving an opinion, glad to ear that it worked for you and I will look forward for your next works.

For your question on auto-rig script or whatever… I don’t know any of it, just the envelopes are a sort of automatic rigging tool. Anyway if you will try the rig system in Blender I think you can be amazed of the simplicity and power of the instrument (I was personally). Now I can do a complete rig in a couple of days.

Try out the book “Introducing character animation with Blender” or the tutorials on youtube by this guy

well, he is completely crazy and not the actual standard tutor you an expect but gives great advices. Just forget his barf…

Yeh, on the safe box. There’s a parameter in the mirror/transparency tab for glossiness - if you reduce the value you get blurrier reflections… so I should have said less glossy reflections. I only mentioned it because it’s something you could do with a couple of quick mouseclicks - you can spend all day making materials look good. The important thing is the animation
The lipsync seems okay to me, though he does pull some funny faces between the words (or maybe vlc is out of sync)