McDonnell XF-85 Goblin - Aluminum Material WIP

Here is the McDonnell XF-85 Experimental aircraft. This is WIP and would like some feedback on the Aluminum Material for the aircraft skin/panels. Thanks.


Looks amazing! I can’t tell if you added a Fresnel effect yet, don’t forget about it, it makes such a difference!

Looks good.
The US-made alcald skin in natural finish could be especially reflective, because it was covered by thin layer of the pure aluminum (on some photos of new / polished airplanes it is close to mirror-like surface). For example, the surface of MiGs was often left in the natural finish, but it seems to be more matte - just because of the different kind of the sheet metal used by the USSR. Do you have photos of this particular airplane? Is it more matte or shiny? (ultimately it all depends on the ground crew :))

Thanks Witold. Yes attached is a photo from the Goblin in the USAF Museum. More a dull shiny.


ferrettank - Thanks, yes Fresnel is used.

Very nice. Can you tell me how you make rivets on the joints ? Is it real gemoetry or Bump Map ?

I see. It seems that the environment reflections are more blurred on your model than on the photo. Maybe you cad make a simple “test tool”: a yellow brass placed near the fuselage, like the arm of the yellow art from this photo. Then compare its reflection on the model with this reflection from the photo from post #4.

bulimaster - it is a bump map.
Witold - Here is another render. I increased the mirror factor for more reflections. I think this is closer.