McLaren 12C - First car render:

I have been working on this project for a little while now:
been learning cg for just over a year now.
Comments and Critiques please:

and these:

Are there dents in the car or is it just the shader?
I never created a car, but I heard it is good to use multiple object for the forms and use the shrinkwarp modifier!
I know there are some steps missing in my explanation, as I am no native speaker. So I have only a link for you:

Maybe it is just the car shader, you should look for good car paint shader on the internet. I found this tutorial:

I do not like the lighting u should use multiple HDRIs and guess what? What? I have a link for u:
In the 4th image some parts of this grid (?) are looking through ur mesh. (right and left under the license tag)
Oh and the license tag does not look that great! :wink:
Now (maybe later too?) you can hate me, ignore me or fix some of the issues!
P.S.: Have a nice day!

the “dents” as you call it is just a geometry problem.
i cant seem to model the bumper correctly.

the problem with the shrinkwrap, is that you need a base mesh, that i cant create, because that has dents as well.

though i dont see whats wrong with the lighting.
im going for a studio image, not anything with real world reflections.
i do have some images with different licensce plates:

and these:

and the paint shader was based off this:

Where did you get the reference images from please send me a link, great model btw!

just from google!

Good work, like the car paint :slight_smile:

Lighting and shading could be improved. :slight_smile: