McLaren MP4-12c GT3 rendering by Blender Cycles

After few weeks I got some new idea in my car render projects:p
I use 20 hours to setting up all these things(exclude modelling)

Resolution:1920px x 1080px
Rendering time:3 hours
Bounce Setting:
About the camera‘s monitor,I render an image before so that it can become a texture
I need a lots of advice so that I can having an improvement

good job of lighting and render setup :slight_smile:

Improvement? How can you improve this? :slight_smile: Perfect!

The lights above bother me, don’t seem to have depth to them, are they just planes above? if so consider extruding into the ceiling, and adding more detail.
The car itself however is amazing!

same thing here, but maybe you can rework the texture of the carpet :wink:

The light on top of the car the glow from there kinda sux. i would gave them some soft box texture to add detail to the light

I think this is a great render that just doesn’t feel completely right because of bad image compression and composition that is just slightly off try making the camera something more in the background because it’s moving your eyes away from the car

Great job, one of the coolest car renders I’ve seen in a while!

You mean add more DOF into the light?

I think I dont understand what you say,can you talk more about the detail?

English is not my first language but I’ll try to translate that. I’m not critiquing.

Seeing the image, the car is definitely the first read because it’s the dominating part of the image and it’s positioned on the rule of thirds, while other parts on the image are not (top image).
The camera on the foreground has a lot of visual weight because it’s all by itself in negative space (middle). Both camera screen and the lamps on the ceiling are a lot brighter than their surroundings compared to the car, so those parts are where the viewer really wants to look after seeing the image.

I think it’s not a balanced composition. I’m not saying it needs to be, but having so bright ceiling lamps could light the whole area better and that might give an opportunity to change how the car reads, if you want to change it. Could also place some other photography equipment on the left hand side and/or dim the screen (bad viewing angle on the camera screen might make it believable).

awesome!by I have a great problem,for my computer,the monitor of my computer didn’t tune the colour,the colour of my render is not correct for other monitor,how can I make the correct colour?should I set up my monitor?

I’m basically saying that everything is good except for the fact that the camera in the scene is distracting and the image is a low quality.

Not DOF, but more detail, and some depth to the light itself
For example this reference image had borders around the light and the plastic cover can be seen a bit
I think its the lack of border really that make the image “fake” or clear that it was done by a computer.

The car is coming out fantastic (color, lighting details are top notch, but the surroundings somehow take away from the image as a whole somehow)
Probably as others mentioned the camera may be too close to the … errr … camera … in other words the camera object is too close in the picture.
The main attraction is supposed to be the car, and yet the camera takes up as much room as the car and really distracts the viewer.

Another thought… try a sunset racetrack scene. I think the orange light goes very well with the white/red/black car body

i would like to see a bit more room to the right side of the image. you read the image from left to right or mid-to-right and directly after the car body end, the image ends. that gives me a sort of “hard stop” of reading the image. besides that i like the idea of the image.

Maybe it’s just the color of the car paint, but it looks to me like the overhead lights are stark white, but the car is being illuminated with an off-white, almost reddish tinge.

Serfim text looks blurred, everything else looks really good. :smiley: Congrats

This is stunning render!!! Amazing visual softness. More than beautiful! Congratulation
Could you share more with us please? Do you have some portfolio or place where we can see more of your works?
Keep going :slight_smile:

Some updates here with some color grading with BlackMagics‘s DaVinci Resolve

The livery of this car is white,but it has a spot light(orange) in the scene,so it seems red (Sorry for poor english)