McLaren MP4/5b Honda 1990

Hello everyone, I want to show you my final renders of McLaren MP4/5b Honda 1990. Rendered in Cycles. Hope you like it :slight_smile:
Feedback is welcome.


nice work !!!

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Wow ! Nothing to say.
May be some work around the 2nd picture calibration ?

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Thank you alf0 and Zakousky!
@Zakousky yeah, it looks awesome,too, but I wanted this bit of greenish look :wink:

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Wow man this needs to be featured…

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It’s your job, therefore you’re right :slight_smile:

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Well actually it looks very nice on my new monitor :slight_smile:
Thank you Zakousky!

You’re welcome :handshake:

I’ve featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much Bart! Wow :blush:

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