McLaren P1 GTR - Debut post in the community!

Hello everyone!
This is our debut on BlenderArtists! and just wanted to share to the community our most recent finished project!

Ladies and gentlemen, the McLaren P1 GTR! :yes:

About the model:
— No plugins used! Just Blender v2.79 and Cycles!
— Digitally crafted using original blueprints and official photography to ensure complete accuracy.
— 428,892 Polygons and 364,144 Vertices
— Took almost a month of pure passionated work
— Available for purchasing in our store!

— Studio setup and process coming up! stay tuned and thank you for reading!
Any questions and constructive comments about the project are welcome!


Awesome! Great modeling and materials, all-round great project.

Oh lord it’s perfect

Thank you @Jboymark and @ninjajoao really appreciate it!

here are more images about the process, hope you like it!

Beautiful!!! I love the graphic presentation too…
Where’s the store link?

Damn, its sort of epic that no plugis are used. The model part is possible, but plugins will make it so much easier. Well done man!

Do you have higher res images?

PS do you have some tips on how to model the more complex parts like the engine and all of the motor parts. Ive have made a start 2-3 years with my first car model and was a bit “done” with it and moved on. I want to pick it up again in near future, but making the engine and all the more difficult object shapes keep me wondering how to approach such items.


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incredible level of details… fantastic!!!

Now there are plug-ins to model a car!?
Looks perfect! Awesome job!

Here you are !

Incredible work! And all done in a month…
I am also currently woking on a car, but on a very different level :smiley:

Very impressive iam also struggled on car modelling especially car engines and there is no tutorial how to do right

Beautiful work, well done !

Awesome and beautiful work !
May we have a big picture of the engine? Just in the 3D viewer if you want, that’s interesting.

Absolutely stunning!

Thanks to everyone and thanks to Blenderartist to place our post on featured this week! We never saw it coming, so it’s a big honour to us!

Stay tuned! :smiley:

Thank you! They say presentation is everything, so we tried the best to get along!
Here’s the link to our store:


Thank you for your comments! We do as hard as possible to model without plugins, we like plugins, but our CEO and founder told us to stay the most original possible to the program for marketing reasons and customer support in a near future. By the way, we are interested to hear what plugins you recommend to share it to the community on automotive modelling!

You got an incredible project right here! but here’s something to notice… we do not model the “full” engine, we only do what the eye can see (that’s why we spent almost a month) making the full engine, with the pistons, the cables, the transmission, the gear-clutch, etc is a heavy duty work that takes a lot of time and is a very difficult thing to get reference. We work trying to sell this models, so we have some time restricted for this situation.
You’ll see on upcoming images that the engine is more a mid-poly work, with no Subsurf or modifiers to make the file lightweight. Our advice in your case is to take your time and begin model in the most simple possible way. Later on, if you like, you can add more details, but we recommend you to start by simple, then adding all the details you like.

Hope these words help you on your project! We would be pleased to hear more and see how it’s going that Shelby :wink:

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@marcatore @rogper @kevjon @Tartiflette @colkai Thank you very much!

@strapazie @drgci Thank you and we would be pleased to see your projects

@Gaut.C Thank you and more images coming soon!

very amazing man congrats, i have been working on a mclaren mp44 project, but not with this level of detail!

Damn the Senna Mclaren is awesome too!! Would love to see closer detail of the suspension and engine