Mclaren Senna Race team decal concept en visualization

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I gave my senna model some love this weekend, did some research on Mclarens race team, found a cool decal scheme they have on the F1 cars, made my own version for the Senna smiley And made it in black and orange, they use a blue and orange palette.
Made a quick pair of slick tires to to fit the image!

Blender and cycles, and substance painter for the decals on the car and helmet, as for the ground and “garage” smiley

The scene is fully CGI. Post in PS

Preparing an automotive rendering course for blender. As there aint to many that go thru getting good procedural car materials as tires and paint. The tires is (except the sidewall) fully procedural, with dirt/wear nodes. And making a realistic car paint material, even when using a texture as i am i this!

Hope you like it!

Would love feedback!



Nice i think

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Thank you!

hands down the best car rendering !


I had prepare the money for your course. When will it release?
Do you have personal website so that i can follow?

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Thank you so much!

Well its in the making at the moment! Still got some stuff to record :slight_smile:
No website atm, i will try to announce it on the places i usually post stuff!

You can head over to my Instagram
Or my artstation

Il keep updating over there, and announce the release :slight_smile:

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Wow! Looks really cool :+1:

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Oh thank you :smiley:

I featured you on BlenderNation :tada: Enjoy your weekend!

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Overall looks good, but tyre texture is not great - ti just looks like procedural noise dirt.

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Wow. Beautiful modeling and rendering work. Can’t wait for the course, I feel it’s going to be super interesting.

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Wow! Amazing!

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I’ve seen a lot of car models but that is amazing!
Is this course going to be on YouTube or Gumroad? I would love to see it when it comes out

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Oh thank you, feels good when a real pro like you likes it :smiley:

Thank you so much :smiley:

haha thank you :smiley:

Thank you so much :smiley:
The main plan in to put it on gumroad, but i am not sure yet. Planing all the stuff out atm, might go with just youtube!


That isn’t a real scene. It is bonkers how realistic these renders can get.

holy moly. There is no row high enough for this caliber of work. I am in awe.

Holy cow dude. I bet that car has some serious cow power because cows have more torque than horses.
Great render! :+1: