md5 exporter help

how do u set up the md5 exporter in blender? pls. really really need anyone’s help…

md5 exporter?
Perhaps you mean md2?

Or md5 encryption?

i really meant md5. i’ve been searchin how to import blender model to jmonkey engine and found that i need a md5 exporter. i searched the net how to set it up but found nohin. so i’d like to ask anyone here who knows how to set it up? pls… thanks alot!!

Ok. Listen carefully. You can use der_ton’s md5 exporter from or you can get a modified version of it (improved GUI) here:

Download it (or if it opens as a text file, just save it as .py document) and put it into ?:\Blender.blender\scripts ( “?” stands for a drive letter). You might have different path to your Blender folder, but you get the idea.

Then go to, got to Goodies page and read a very comprehensive tutorial on how to export mesh from Blender into Doom 3 MD5 format.


much thanks mr. motorsep… really appreciate ur help… thank you very much!!