Mdd or maya cache files

hello Blender folks,
Im new here and need one small bit of advice…
I’ve heard Blender can import/export LW mdd and -or maya cache files.
These - as most of you likely know - are vertex based recordings of animated meshes.
I’ll be receiving some pre-animated turbosquid models soon.
I’ll need to port them over to one of the apps I know well to efficiently produce elements for compositing.
Can anybody tell me where in the menus I can find the mdd or cache files?
Either will do fine.
Thank you all in advance for any info you can provide.
Dave M

They are add-ons that can be enabled in the add-on menu. Also consider Alembic format.

a sincere thank you!
Yes, Alembic should work fine…
even in the archaic (but fully capapble) Lightwave app